Marcel Jordan Horse Transport

Marcel Jordan Horse Transport has developed –and practices – a unique formula, transporting horses in a safe and healthy environment, primarily focussing on the well-being of horses during their voyage. Our carrier services extend throughout Europe, and neighbouring countries (i.e. Cyprus, Malta, and Morocco), with scheduled services to and from Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia.

Horse & Health

Just like any other horse carrier service, Marcel Jordan Horse Transport aims to provide the best possible care for your horse. But what exactly does that imply? What ís the best care for your horse, and what kind of care ensures their performance level, even after transport? Please refer to our Horse & Health page to find out why good transportation will benefit any horse and performance level, or go to the Transport page to see how we are able to guarantee the quality your horse needs and deserves.


Transporting horses is a specialized trade in which interaction with horses, en route care, transport facilities, and driving skills are all crucial elements. We consider our core value system regarding animal care non-negotiable, enabling us to guarantee optimum performance in transit as well as on arrival.

With passion and concern for [your] horses

Bea and Marcel Jordan have been married for many years, dedicated to eachother and to Marcel Jordan Horse Transport.
Marcel is an accomplished horse transporter (since 1989), and Bea has been devoted to horses since her early childhood years.

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